Mosquito Control in Cross-border Area 2: MOS-Cross2


Vectors and diseases Dušan Petrić pdf

Mosquitoes Ecology and Control Dušan Petrić pdf

Mosquitoes Sampling for MBD Dušan Petrić pdf

WNV Surveillance Dušan Petrić pdf

Mosquito Morphology Adults Dušan Petrić pdf

Identification of mosquito vectors Dušan Petrić pdf

Intersectoral collaboration Dušan Petrić pdf

1. Infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes – introduction and significance pptx

2. Infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes – what is new pptx

Biology of mosquitoes MOS Cross Merdic pdf

Ivan Kurtek – How mosquitoes transmit diseases pptx

Sampling and sample preparation – Aedes albopictus Hrvoje Bekina – part 1 pdf

Sampling and sample preparation – Culex and anopheles – part 2 – Kurtek BT pdf

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