Mosquito Control in Cross-border Area 2: MOS-Cross2

The Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina

Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina has contributed the preparation of recommendations for local government units in cross-border area presenting efficient and ecologically acceptable mosquito abatement and has participated in its presentation to LGU representatives.

The Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina is a health, scientific and teaching institution, which during its existence has gained experience and reputation by providing preventive health services to citizens, improving the health of the population, educating students in the field of preventive medicine and achieving significant scientific results, which has placed it in the number of recognized health institutions outside the borders of our country.

More than 100 years have passed since the Permanent Bacteriological Station established in 1920, to today’s Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina, with over 4500 m2 and over 250 employees.

A whole century of experience and persistent work in the field of microbiology, hygiene, epidemiology and social medicine represents a significant period in which the Institute gained reputation by achieving results in professional and scientific achievements.

The main activities of the Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina, registered with the Commercial Court in Novi Sad under  registration number 5-354 dated July 19, 2012. are:

  1. 86.90 – other health care, which includes the activities of medical laboratories for blood analysis, medical and clinical biochemistry, microbiology, pathohistology;
  2. 85.42 – high education, which includes the first, second and third levels of high education;
  3. 85.59 – other education, which includes other education not defined by degree, academic tutoring, learning centers offering remedial courses, exam preparation classes, computer training;
  4. 86.22 – specialist medical practice, which includes medical consultations and treatment in the field of specialist branches of medicine by a specialist doctor;
  5. 71.20 – technical testing and analysis, which includes physical, chemical and other analytical tests of all types of materials and products, including: acoustic and vibration testing, food hygiene testing, food production control, quality and reliability testing, defect analysis, testing and measurement of environmental indicators: air pollution and water, etc., issuing certificates for products, including consumer goods, issuing certificates of conformity for products, processes, services, management systems and professionals, testing using models;
  6. 72.19 – research and development in other natural and technical-technological sciences, which includes research and development in medical sciences;
  7. 58.14 – publication of magazines and periodicals, which includes publication of magazines and periodicals published less than four times a week, in printed or electronic form, including the Internet;
  8. 38.12 – collection of hazardous waste
  9. 38.22 – treatment and disposal of hazardous waste.

The mission of the Institute is to improve the health of the population by providing services in the field of public health, while respecting the highest standards of socially responsible behavior and scientifically based facts.

The basic vision of the Institute is to maintain a leadership position in the field of public health in the AP Vojvodina area and continuously improve the professional and scientific reputation and position of the Institute in the country and region of Southeast Europe.

The Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina is, first of all, people, who with their education, individual ambitions, ideas, quality communication and desire to work together create an environment in which the best possible results are achieved. Today’s team of the Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina consists of over 250 employees, of which 24 are doctors of science, 3 masters of science, 19 specialists in preventive medicine (with 4 specialists in narrower scientific fields of preventive medicine), 3 primaries, 73 health workers with higher and 13 with secondary education, 43 health associates and non-medical workers with high education and narrow specialties, who together with other employees of various qualifications contribute to the achievement of the goals and results of the Institute’s work.

The importance of intersectoral and multisectoral connection and integration of all measures and activities in the field of public health directs the Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina to harmonize its work with international standards (SRPS ISO 9001, SRPS ISO 14001, SRPS ISO/IEC 17025) in order to be ready to achieve equal partnership with European public health institutions.

Today, the Institute is organized into seven centers and two services: 1) Center for Microbiology (bacteriology with parasitology); 2) Center for Virology; 3) Center for Hygiene and Human Ecology; 4) Center for Disease Control and Prevention; 5) Center for analysis, planning and organization of health care; 6) Center for Health Promotion and 7) Center for Informatics and Biostatistics in Healthcare; 8) Service for technical and other similar tasks and 9) Service for legal and economic-financial affairs.

The goals that the Institute achieves with the Quality Policy are:

– improving the health of the population and reducing health risks;

– development of partnership relations with service users;

– ensuring the trust of service users in the results of the tests conducted at the Institute;

– adaptation of work organization to modern trends and development of new services in accordance with user needs;

– increasing the satisfaction of service users and employees;

– teamwork with full personal responsibility for achieving set goals.

The realization of the set goals in the future will be another confirmation of the best efforts of the Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina in implementing public health measures in practice.

The project is co-financed by ERDF and IPA II funds of the European Union
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